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Book and DVD Reviews

Please Note: with the internet, youtube, vimeo, etc etc I don't seem to buy or read as many books or DVDs as before. There is just so much free information available. So with that said, I try to hold my book and video expenditures to less than $100 a year. (At least that is what my wife thinks :) Don't tell her )


Modern Midges , Rick Takahashi and Jerry Hubka, Book

Finally the ultimate book on midges and midge fishing. This book is well worth the money if you fish midges anytime during the year. It has lots of new patterns and some great advice for both tying and fishing the patterns. Great photography and clear cut tying instructions. Combine this book and Brian Chan's work on midge fishing and you will not need anything else. Most anglers will usually pull out the attractor boxes when nothing else is going on and start dredging for fish. I will usually start with a midge larvae pattern and if I got to an attractor, I usually always have a trailer midge pattern. Midges are the major part of most trout diets and will good bet in any water habitat.

Fly Fishing Tailwaters, Pat Dorsey, Book

Tailwaters provide some of our best trout fisheries and are usually open year round. Pat does a great job of educating the reader on all aspects of tailwater fishing and describes patterns and techniques that will work on any trout stream, river, or spring creek. There are lots of tailwater fisheries in nearby California (thanks to the Army Core of Engineers and power needs) that are open year round and provide some fishing in the fall and winter.

Rivers of the Lost Coast, DVD

Even if you never fished or dreamed of catching a steelhead trout, you will enjoy every minute of this great DVD. Narrated by Tom Skerritt and others, it journals the history of steelhead fishing on the west coast and brings to life the early pioneers of the sport. If you liked other movies with fly fishing in them, this will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Great photography and historical information. A must for those who want to remember "what it used to be like".


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