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About Don

I am a fly fishing guide service and school dedicated to helping individuals learn to fly fish and utilize all available resources and strategies to enjoy a lifetime of pleasure from a sport that has given me so much. Don

Don is NOT guiding this year. I will try to keep reports posed frequently.

My philosophy is to help you become proficient on general types of waters and a wide range of conditions so that you can apply that knowledge to anywhere you fish. This may be only to help you become familiar with our particular hatches, waters, and strategies, or to help with the basic mechanics of our sport so that you can begin your own lifetime of learning and enjoyment in our great sport.

I have enjoyed over 30 years of fly fishing and sharing my knowledge and love of the sport with anyone who will listen and play. When not fishing one of my normal 150 plus fishing days a year, I teach Physics and Chemistry to high school students with the same passion as I fish. I have fished for a wide spectrum of fish from small high mountain trout to large tarpon and bonefish on ocean flats and everything in between. In that time, I have grown to enjoy chasing trophy trout in tough stillwater and spring creek conditions. I spend a month every summer fishing spring creeks and lakes in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, and any place that someone says is a hot spot. I like fishing and chasing the hot rainbows on Davis Lake in the Northern California Region so much, I moved there.

In addition to my passion for sharing my knowledge and experience of fly fishing, I have enlisted the help of some close friends who also share some of the same crazy attitudes and love for fly fishing and the outdoors. Together, we will all work together to make your experience fun, enlightening and enjoyable.

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